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Search for photos in Hialeah by address, ZIP or neighborhood:

When someone posts a photo taken in your neighborhood on Flickr, we map it and link to it, so you can find images near you.

The content of the photo can be just about anything. We link to dozens, if not hundreds, each day, but we can only map those tagged to the address level.

Also note that some photos will not appear here because the photographer chose not to make them visible on third-party sites.

Photos are retrieved once a day from Flickr.

If you've taken photos in your neighborhood and would like them to appear in this section of EveryBlock, follow these steps (assuming you have a Flickr account):

1. Log in to your Flickr account. Flickr is owned by Yahoo, so if you have a Yahoo ID, that's your Flickr login.

2. Go to the Organize page by clicking on the You menu and selecting Organize. From there, click on the Map tab.

3. Search for the address related to your image in the search bar in the upper right. The map will pan to the vicinity of the address that you entered. If it found the exact address, a green circle will appear.

4. From the bottom drawer, drag and drop any images related to that address onto the map. Drop your images into the green circle if it's there, otherwise just use your best judgment and drop it where you think it belongs.

EveryBlock only retrieves Flickr images tagged to the address level. That means if you tag your images with something overly broad, like "Hialeah", or you don't zoom in far enough when following the above process, those images will not appear on EveryBlock, even if they appear on your map inside Flickr.

If you have geocoded images in Flickr, but would like to exclude them from EveryBlock, you can modify your account settings to do so. On Flickr, hover over your avatar in the upper right and select Settings. From there, click the Privacy & Permissions tab. Then find the option "Hide your stuff from public searches" and click the "edit" link for that line. Then, click the checkbox for "Hide your photos from searches on 3rd party sites that use the API, including Yahoo! Image Search" and click the Save button. From then on, none of your photos will appear on EveryBlock.


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